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Trump offered Kim Jong a ride home on Air force’



During the Singapore conference, Trump handed Kim a caption on his presidential car – a $ 1.5 million Cadillac also known as the “Beast” – showing their recently friendly relationship.

Donald Trump offered North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a trip home to Air Force One after a summit in Hanoi two years ago, according to a new BBC article.
Kim and Trump initially engaged in a war of words and threats, both before a dramatic political conference that featured a series of headlines and a declaration of love for the former US president.

However, no progress was made, with the process shut down after the two met in Hanoi due to the relaxation of sanctions and what Pyongyang would like to waive.

According to a BBC article, “Trump Takes on the World”, the US president “surprised even the most experienced strategists” by giving Kim a lift home to Air Force One after the 2019 summit in Vietnam.

If Kim accepted that, it would have put the North Korean leader – and perhaps others who accompanied him – inside the US president’s official airlines and seen him enter North Korea’s airport, raising a number of security issues.
If it happened, Kim refused.

“President Trump has given Kim a boarding pass on Air Force One,” Matthew Pottinger, a senior Asian specialist at Trump’s National Security Council, told the BBC.

“The president knew Kim had traveled by train for several days through China into Hanoi and the president said: ‘I can take you home in two hours if you like.’ Kim refused. “

At her first summit with Trump in Singapore in 2018, Kim boarded a flight to Air China, with Beijing seeking to keep North Korea – its presence as the last country to keep US troops south of the Chinese border – firmly within its sphere of influence.
During the Singapore conference, Trump handed Kim a caption inside his presidential car – a $ 1.5 million Cadillac also known as “The Beast” – showing their recently friendly relationship.

But last month Kim said the United States was “a major enemy” of his nuclear-armed state, adding that “Washington’s policy against North Korea will never change” no matter who “rules”.

The North Korean media no longer mentions Joe Biden – who beat Trump in last year’s election – by name as US President.

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WhatsApp & Instagram not Working for some users in India



It has been experienced that Whatsapp and Instagram is not working in India . Users are not able to Refresh feed, send or receive Messages since 10:58 pm.

This Can be due to various reasons. We will keep you updated as soon any official notice is released regarding.

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Few Protestors gather at fortified U.S. Statehouses



A small number of protesters are gathering in the last U.S. state houses. Security has been beefed up in recent days after the FBI warned of possible protests in Washington and all 50 state capitols.
Small groups of food wing protesters – some of them armed with guns – rallied outside state-security buildings across the country on Sunday, in large numbers with National Guard soldiers and police deployed to prevent a recurrence of violence in the US Capitol.

As darkness began to fall, there were no reports of any conflicts.

Security was tightened a few days ago after the FBI warned of possible protests in Washington and all 50 buildings in the capitol state ahead of the inauguration of President Joe Biden on Wednesday.

Crowds of only a dozen or two people showed up at some of the closed warehouses, while the streets in many other cities remained empty.

Some protesters said they were there to support President Donald Trump. Some say they have instead come to express their support for gun rights or to oppose the government’s excesses.

“I do not trust the election results,” said Michigan protester Martin Szelag, a 67-year-old retired window watcher who sells windows from Birthborn Heights. He wore a sign around his neck that read, in part, “We will support Joe Biden as our President if you can convince us that he has won legally. Show us the evidence! Then he begins to recover. ”

As the day goes on without bloodshed in the US, a sense of relief spread among the officials, even though they were not ready to give up.

The complex existence of law enforcement is likely to keep the price close. A few days ago, some activists had warned others about falling into what they called a law enforcement trap.

Washington State Patrol spokesman Chris Loftis said he hoped the seemingly peaceful day reflected the search for the soul of the American people.

“I would like to say that it is because we all looked at ourselves in the mirror and decided that we are a more united people than can be expressed from time to time,” he said.

Security measures were aimed at protecting government seats in the wake of the violence that erupted at the US Capitol on January 6, when Trump’s right-backs were voted out of his unsubstantiated allegations that the election was rigged past police and began building when Congress confirmed the Electoral College vote.

The attack left a Capitol police officer and four others dead. More than 125 people have been arrested in connection with the uprising.

Many courts, state election officials and Trump’s attorney general have all said there is no evidence of widespread electoral corruption.

On Sunday, some state institutions were surrounded by new security fences, had windows and were guarded by additional police. Legislatures were usually off work on weekends.

Long calls were all around the US Capitol. The National Mall was closed to the public, with the mayor of Washington urging people not to attend. About 25,000 National Armed Forces are expected to arrive in the city in the coming days.

About 20 protesters marched on the Michigan Capitol, including some armed, with a large number of law enforcement officials and the media.

At the Ohio Statehouse, about 20 people, including several armed with rifles, protested outside under the eyes of state security guards before dispersing as snow began to fall.

Kathy Sherman, who wore a visor that read “Trump”, said she supported the president but distanced herself from the mob that broke the American Capitol.

“I am here to support the right to express a political opinion or opinion without fear of reprisals, harassment or threats of losing a job or being beaten,” he said.

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine, a Republican, said he was pleased with the outcome but stressed that the authorities “continue to be concerned about possible violence in the coming days, which is why I intend to maintain security at Statehouse as we go to the presidential opening.”

At Oregon’s Capitol, fewer than a dozen men dressed in military uniforms, ski masks and helmets stood next to a series of assault rifles. Others carried American flags and emblems with such slogans as “Benefit the government.”

At the Texas Capitol, Ben Hawk accompanied about a dozen protesters arriving at the locked gates with a bullhorn and an AR-15 pistol hanging next to his hideout trousers. He criticized the rebellion in the U.S. Capitol and said he did not support Trump.

“We have come here to do today to talk, collect, connect and stay. It was smashed to pieces and completely destroyed, ”said Hawk.

In the Nevada’s Capitol, where Trump-backed protesters have been on the rise over the weekend in recent months, everything has been quiet except for one marked protester. “Trump is Lost. Become Adults. Go Home, ”it reads.

More than a third of the governors have called on the National Guard to help protect their capitols and help local law enforcement. Several officials have announced emergencies, with some closing their capitols in public until after Biden’s opening.

Some legislatures also canceled sessions or postponed their work next week.

Even before the Capitol riots, some of the buildings were mentioned by angry demolitionists and protesters last year.

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Trump’s Second time impeachment and Updates



President Donald Trump was forced by the House a few days before leaving office, becoming the first US president to be forced into office twice.
The past three shortcomings – those of Presidents Andrew Johnson, Bill Clinton and Trump – took months before a final vote, including an investigation into the House and hearings. This time it took only a week after Trump mobilized a crowd of his supporters who attacked the American Capitol.
Democrats and ten Republicans voted to oppose Trump on one charge: incitement to rebellion.
Outgoing Senate leader Mitch McConnell has said the Senate will not begin a trial until next Tuesday, the day before Democrat Joe Biden is sworn in as President. It is unclear, however, how the case will proceed and whether any of the Senate Republicans will vote to oust Trump.
Although the trial will not take place until Trump is out of office, it could still prevent him from running for re-election.
Consider the following steps:
Posting to Senate
When the House votes for a deviation, the Speaker of the House may submit an article or articles to the Senate immediately or may wait a moment. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not yet said when she will send them, but many Democrats in her caucus have urged her to do so immediately.
Pelosi has already appointed nine court officials to contest Trump’s trial in the Senate, a sign that he will send them soon.
Once the articles have been submitted, this is usually done by a formal procession from the House to the Senate – the leader of the Senate majority must begin the trial process.
Senate program
The Senate is not scheduled to sit until January 19, which could be McConnell’s last day as Senate leader. When Deputy President Kamanga Harris is sworn in, makes him the president of the Senate, and two members of the Senate from the Democratic Party are also sworn in, Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer will take over and decide how the case will proceed.
McConnell said he would not immediately return the Senate to begin the trial, so a preliminary hearing would be on Tuesday. That means the trial will take place after Trump has resigned.
McConnell noted that three previous Senate cases had passed “83 days, 37 days, and 21 days in a row.”
All eyes are on McConnell
McConnell believes Trump has committed irrefutable crimes and sees the dismissal of Democrats’ cases as an opportunity to reduce the participation of a rival president in the GOP, a Republican strategist told the Associated Press on Wednesday.
And McConnell told major donors over the weekend that he was done with Trump, said the strategist, who spoke on condition of anonymity to explain McConnell’s talks. His wife, former Secretary of Transport Elaine Chao, resigned from her post on the Trump Cabinet shortly after the riots.
But apart from sending signals, McConnell has been public to the public. In a letter to colleagues Wednesday issued by his office, McConnell said he was “not making a final decision on how to vote.”

Impeachment Article The occasion of the arrest of US President Donald Trump at the US Capitol in Washington. (Reuters)

On Wednesday Donald Trump became the first president in American history to be prosecuted twice, as 10 other Republicans joined Democrats in the House of Representatives to accuse him of inciting a coup last week at the Capitol. (Reuters)

Photographers took photographs of an article on President Donald Trump’s indictment before it was signed at the US Capitol on January 13, 2021 in Washington, DC. (AFP)

Senate Politics
If McConnell votes on sentencing, other Republicans will follow. But there are no GOP senators to say how they will vote, and two-thirds of the Senate are required.
However, other Republicans have called for Trump to step down, including Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey and Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski, and a few defenders.

Republican Senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska said he would look into what the House approves, but stopped vowing to support it.
Some Republicans have said the reduction of the law will separate them. South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham, who was a close ally of the President, has repeatedly criticized his behavior for inciting unrest but said the accusation “would do more harm than good.”
Utah Senator Mitt Romney is the only Republican who voted to overturn Trump’s sentencing in a court case last year, after the House banned Trump over his dealings with the Ukrainian president.
At home, 10 Republicans have joined Democrats in voting against Trump, including Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney, a Republican in third place. All House Republicans have voted for Trump’s first election in 2019.
Trump’s future
If the Senate had not convicted the party, lawmakers would have taken a separate vote on whether Trump should be unfit to hold office in the future.
Schumer said on Wednesday: “Make no mistake, there will be a U.S. Senate indictment; there will be a vote to convict the president of high and fair charges; and if the president is convicted, there will be a vote to prevent him from running again.”

In the case of government judges who have been sued and removed from office, the Senate took a second vote after being convicted of deciding whether to bar that person from running for office again.
Only the majority of managers will be required to block him from the next office, unlike two-thirds that need to be sentenced.
Indpeachment article

Different cases, different deviations
This temptation to blame may be different from the last in many ways.
The House filed a lawsuit in 2019 over Trump’s co-operation with the Ukrainian president, who called for an investigation into Biden, after a lengthy investigation and evidence from several government officials.

While Democrats unanimously criticized the action and accused Trump of abusing power, the charges brought together complex evidence.
At this point, Democrats see little need for an investigation – the Capitol attack was played on live television, and most of Congress members were still in the building as it happened.
Trump’s earlier speech, in which he told his supporters to “be counted as hell” against the election results, was also posted on television as Congress prepares to officially count the votes.
House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff, who led the last house prosecution team, said the coup at the Capitol was “an irrefutable crime committed during the day, when the whole country was a witness.”
He said the immediate lightning strike was “necessary because of the situation, and because of the crime itself
The four-page impeachment article states that Trump “posed a serious threat to the security of the United States and its Government institutions.”
Presented by Democratic Reps.David Cicilline of Rhode Island, Ted Lieu of California and Jamie Raskin of Maryland, all of whom have previously been linked with a move to the Senate.
The document states that Trump’s conduct is in line with his previous attempts to “disrupt and prevent” the election results and refers to his recent call to the Secretary of State of Georgia, where he said he wanted to win more votes for him after losing power. in Biden.
Trump has claimed that there is widespread fraud in the election, and baseless allegations have been repeated over and over again by the Republicans and rebels who have marched on the Capitol.
While the protesters were breaking into, both chambers were protesting against the GOP’s challenges in Arizona’s election voting numbers as part of a process to ensure the success of Biden’s election. This was all about Trump’s Second time impeachment and updates.

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