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Things to do During Quarantine



Hello Everyone, I hope you all are fit & fine in the current state of Quarantine. Now you don’t have to worry about the Boredom you are dealing with. Make most of your Time by getting into various activities which includes Fun,Self Care, Productivity and all the things one could ask for.

Let’s get into it !



One can read as many books as you want in this time. It could be a hardcopy or a kindle edition of book. Make reading a habit by starting with 10-15 mins in a day even. There are so many Books apps options available in our devices.

2. Cook New Dishes

Cook.Eat.Sleep.Repeat. This could be even interesting if you try your hands on new Recipes and enjoy them with your family. Also you can Bake fresh Cakes & Cookies. Do give a try! Otherwise must try The famous Dalgona Coffee!

3. Learn a new Language

Learning about new language and native state could be fun. Well get started at least .

4.Opt for an Online Course

For all the Skills you didn’t have time earlier can now be learned by taking an online course. There are so many platforms for the same like edX, Skillshare, Udemy etc.

5. Learn Graphic Designing

Be Creative & Productive at same time and try your hands on art of Graphic Designing. Learn for free on Canva ,Youtube.

6. Social Media Marketing

If you are interested in Social Media platforms, why not learn how to make Money by means of it ? Its an easy an Interesting way to earn.

7. Start a Blog or Vlog

Share your Ideas and skills by writing a blog or in the form of videos i.e. Vlogs. Its a good way to spend your leisure time.

8.Work as a freelancer

For those not working from home, you can work as Freelancer and earn extra. As a freelancer you have to complete the tasks given by other and get Paid.


9. Art & Craft

This is my personal Favorite Activity. You can draw,paint,color,create and make your quarantine much better with art. Pro tip : Coloring the Mandalas is considered to be a stress relieving activity.

10. Home Decor

Giving your house a makeover could be one of the best things you could do in this Quarantine. Spend your time in making DIY crafts and give you space new & fresh look. Trust me you will Love it 🙂

11. Write Poems / Songs

Bring out your creative side of writing Songs, Poems or whatever kind of Literature you wanna write. Utilize your time in exploring your hidden talent.

12. Try your hands on Instruments

Learning old/new instruments could make you feel really good about yourself. Take online tutorials for learning any instrument you love but didn’t get time earlier in fast paced life.

13. Learn DIY Hacks

Internet is full of DIY Hacks, ideas for our little daily chores and activities. Its Fun learning such kinda things. Some of them will make you laugh even :P)

14. Toy Making

Spend your time with your kids by making Toys with waste materials like Old socks, buttons and play with them.

Improve your MENTAL HEALTH

15. Learn to Cope up with it

Read relevant blogs, listen to ted talks or podcasts to make your inner self strong enough to cop up with Stress and Anxiety. Also practice self care. BELIEVE YOU CAN DO IT AND YOU ARE HALF WAY THERE 🙂

16. Wallpapers

Surround yourself with Positive and Inspiring Wallpapers. It can be on the walls of your Room , your refrigerator, your cellphone screen, study desk etc. Read them every time you pass or see it and feel the positive vibes around yourself.


17. Eat Healthy and Tasty

Eating your Favorite food can make you feel extremely Satisfied and good. Also try to make it healthy by replacing few ingredients only. Then you don’t even have to worry about your health 🙂 .

18. Workout

Keep yourself fit,fine & in shape in this time. Try to work out atleast 3-4 times in a week. You can do it in any form like Cardio, Yoga or even Walk. Also you can enjoy all meals guilt free if you workout regularly :P)

19. Medidate

Eliminate all the negative thoughts, Stress, Anxiety & Fear by practicing meditation. Also this will enhance the flow of constructive thoughts. Improve your physical & mental health by it. 🙂

20. Gratitude Journal

Start a Gratitude Journal. Jot down all the things you are Grateful for. Even the small ones like Chocolates or bottle opener or the seat in metro, anything you feel like. Write your Goals, favorite Quotes and Phrases in it . Also track your Behavior, Habits in it & construct a Better Self.

21. Massage

Massages are under rated activities but these are extremely Relaxing. Give yourself a Manicure, Pedicure and self body massage and feel good about yourself. Thank me Later 😛

22. Drink Any Tea

Pamper yourself by making tea for yourself. It can be any of your choice like Chamomile Tea, Lavender Tea, Green Tea, Lemon Tea,Ginger Tea etc. Make it a ritual if you like it .

23. Stay Hydrated

Also its very necessary to stay Hydrated. So Drink plenty of Water throughout the day. Its more easy now in Quarantine to follow it. Also eat fruits & veges with good amounts of water in them like Watermelon, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Oranges, Cucumbers etc.


24. Make your family Budget

Since we all have enough time now, So sit and Plan your Family Budget. Cut down the extra expenses, work on possible income resources etc. Figure out the obstacles you were facing earlier in managing your family finance.

25. Analyse your Loans

Its free time to make plans to Repay your debts and loans. Analyse the loans & do the required calculations to repay them further.

26. Learn About Investments

Utilize you time in learning about the investments you can make. Learn about the favorable ones and unfavorable ones as well. Study the details of stocks, mutual funds their differences and whatever else required.


27. Ted Talks

If you want Self betterment and growth, Use this time & listen to the Ted Talks. Learning from the experiences and in Narrative way is a next level Learning. Honestly, they are mind changing and so so Inspiring !

28. Update your CV

You can Update or remake your CV/Resume. Add the new skills or your life updates. And prepare yourself for sudden new Job Interviews.

29. List your Goals

Figure out the things you want to achieve now and then. And make list of your Primary goals or Short term goals and Secondary goals or Long term goals you wanna achieve. Explore the ways for them and start even practicing for it as well (if possible).

30. Explore Career Ways

If you are thinking of changing Career or are not happy in your current Job you can explore New Career options and figure out whether they are for you or not .


31. DeClutter your Drawers and Cupboards

Since We All don’t get time in our daily routine to declutter our Wardrobes & Drawers Now this the time we should get Rid of all the old & waste items we still have with us. It could be anything magazines, clothes, makeup, boxes etc.

32. Organize Kitchen

Do all the necessary things to organise your kitchen like Cleaning Pantry, segregating boxes without Lids, cleaning Refrigerator, setting Crockery etc, All according to the mess you have in you kitchen :P) Also must check kitchen hacks on Youtube before setting it up .

33. Declutter your Devices

Along with your house Declutter your devices from Spam e-mails, random screenshots, Whatsapp forwards, Images, Promotional messages or even your Ex’s pictures ( if you want to) 😛

34. Old Pictures

Watch your Old Photographs and Organise them well and keep them Safe so you can see them again to Revive your Childhood and Remember Old Good times. <3

35. Furniture Rearrangement

If you are bored from the furniture set up give it a makeover and set it up in new way !

36. Cleaning

Clean your Mattresses by yourself if you can and also Vacuum all the door & floor Mats in bedrooms or halls. Clean all the Mirrors and Window Glass panes. Do the Dusting of shelves, furniture and doors. Keep your surrounding Clean and Fresh this way. After all Clean house is equal to Clear Mind 🙂


37. Get in touch with your Old Friends/Cousins

Call or text your Old friends with whom you have not in touch from long time. Ask about them and get to feel loved in reverse as well.

38. Call your Parents/Grandparents

If you don’t live with your Parents or Grandparents . Call them and ask about their well being or even Face time them and Strengthen your bond with them. <3

39. Spend time with your Siblings/ Roomate

Sit and talk with your siblings and roommate , Get to know more about them and their Problems. Guide them, Mentor them or Help them in every way possible.

40. Don’t Forget to Spend Time with your Parents

In the Fast Paced life We Forget that are Parents are also getting Old along with Us. Must spend Time with them and make them feel Loved. Help them in their chores and Enjoy the time we have. 🙂 <3

41. Play Online Games

You can play Many Online Games like Ludo, Monopoly, Life with your abroad living Cousins with whom you used to play games in your childhood. Or with even your Friends, this will definitely make your relations more warm.


42. Netflix & Chill

This is something you all must be doing but still watch Amazing Content we have on all Social sites and such platforms.

43. Play Cards

Play all the card games with your family/ roommate and win against them . GOOD LUCK !

44. Board Games

Take any Board game out your collection ,set it up and invite your family or roomies to play with you. Don’t forget to get your self some Cookies & Nachos to Munch on during the game.

45. Movies

For all the Movies you have missed watching in Cinema or Theaters. Binge on all of them with large Coke & Popcorn.

46. Music

Grab a pair of Air pods and put them on and Listen to all your favorite Music while doing your work or exercise or walk. Enjoy it !

47. Gardening

Gardening is one of the most Relaxing & Delightful activity one can do at home. Grow Indoor or Outdoor Plants or even grow Fruit & Vegetables at your backyard. Build your Family Garden. Involve your kids in it & bring them closer to Mother Nature.

48. Origami

It is not only a Fun activity but it develops various skills like Coordination, Patience & Attention. Also refines motor skills & mental Concentration. Create various objects using paper & decorate your space with it even.

49. Makeover

Get up and Dress up, and try new Hairstyles. Try new Makeup Products you haven’t tried yet. Recreate looks of your Favorite characters from any Movie or WebSeries. Follow up new Styling Tutorials of your Favorite blogger and Enjoy.

50. Pray

Last but not the least, Pray. Do it Daily. Thank the Almighty for the Life, for the beautiful planet, for the resources, for our loved ones. Pray for his Blessings & Betterment of ALL ! Keep Spreading Positive Vibes and love around you.

Thanks for the read ! Let me know in the Comments if you liked it. <3

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Off Screen Activities For Kids & Teens



In Summer Vacations Kids roam around all the day with Tablets & Cell Phones in their hands. Either Playing Games on it or YouTube all the day. A day spent like this rots their Minds & have Adverse effects on their Minds & Health. So to avoid this and to make your Kids Active rather then a Couch Potatoes, Here’s a list of Off Screen Interesting Activities for your kids/teens.

1.Board Games

Though Board Games are quite Old But still so much Fun. Try playing Board Games with them and have your Family Quality Time as well.

2. Outdoor Games

Go to your lawn or backyard and make them , Play some Outdoor games of your choice. For Example : Tag..You’re it (also called Hide and Seek), Hopscotch, Run..Statue etc. This will help them to remain Active as well.


3. Dance Party

Organise a Dance Party at home. Dress Up, Set your Child’s Favorite Playlist & Dance. Eat.Dance.Repeat.

4. Pool Party

Throw your Own Pool Party This Summer ! Decorate the area with Bright Colored Lanterns & Poufs. Set a theme for it. Arrange Drinks, Snacks, Popsicle and much more. Other than Swimming laps & Splashing must do some Activities.

5. Pyjama Party

Organise a Pyjama Party at home with your kids along with their Cousins or Friends. Let them enjoy sense of Independence and get Thrilled by Fun & Food.

6. DIY Craft

You don’t have to be an expert just learn some DIY Crafts & Hacks and get started ! Decorate your notebook or table or Room, Just Anything. It is most Loved & Creative Activity for Kids/Teens.

7. Origami

Get your kids indulged in Interesting activities like Origami. Teach them Step by Step Paper folding and make different Objects using Paper.

8. Toy Making

What Better way to inculcate Skills in Children other than STEM(Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Activities like Toy Making. Kids will love to make toy, Learn & Play.

9. Frame Making

Make a COOL Frame to display your Pictures. Your kids will Love doing it. Help them a little and Enjoy this activity along with them. You can make it with some waste materials even.

10. Cooking Without Fire

Involve your kids in safe cooking like this one. Make Sandwiches, Cookies, Mocktails with them. Teens can even cook in kitchen on Cooktop.

11. Facts Knowledge

Make them Learn about new Facts. Make it a habit as One Fact Daily. Do one Activity related to it or make it fun learning for your Child.

12. Picture Dictionary

To make them learn New words & Picture Recognition give them Picture Dictionary to make the learning more interesting.


Add to their Knowledge by Learning from Encyclopedia. Make sure its Children’s Encyclopedia so that it will be interesting for them to learn from it. Also it will increase their IQ (Intelligent Quotient).

14. Riddle Solving

Solving Problems & Riddles can be a fun activity. Also it helps in Developing critical Thinking Skills and Problem Solving Skills.

Answer : A River

15. Survival Skills

Teach them about basic Survival Skills & Needs. Make them aware about the Problems & how to solve it. Also to have Positive Attitude in every Problem.

16. Knitting & Tailoring

If not Mastering in these skills you should Atleast try for it and teach them Basics like Sewing torn shirt, or stitching a button at least.

17. Skipping

Accompany your Child in Skipping a Rope. Or you may do any outdoor activity which works as an exercise as well.

18. Cycling

Take them to Cycling. Accompany them and enjoy. Tell them about Mother Nature and help them to connect.

19. Skating

Take them for Skating on weekends as well. Teach them and have fun or learn from an Instructor along with them . It can be fun in both ways.

20. Increasing IQ

Make sure with all Fun they also boost their IQ levels with various Activities like Learning Instruments,Calculations,Deep Breathing, Brain Games etc.

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