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Praana full movie Download 1080p 720p Review



Nithya Menen is clearly every director’s dream in the South Indian film industry. She has left all the filmmakers she had worked with in awe of her talent.

Award-winning cinematographer PC Sreeram has shared a still of an intense looking Nithya Menen on his Twitter page. It is a still from the upcoming film Praana, which he is shooting. “# PRANNA A multilingual film Dir v k Prakash Sound Rasool pookutty (first surround sync sons) Shoot completed Now on its post-production stage. A film with only one character played by Nitya Menon” tweeted Sreeram.

Praana has been simultaneously shot in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada. That means she had to act the same scene four times in four different languages. Having worked in all four south Indian film industries, she is well equipped to do such an experimental film.

Nithya is clearly every director’s dream in the South Indian film industry. She has left all the filmmakers she had worked with in awe of her talents. “There is never a second-take for Nithya,” Awe director Prasanth Varma told, which serves as a testament to acting prowess. With Praana, she is taking her game to a whole different level.

Attempting to solely command the attention of the audience for the entire duration of a movie is a big risk. But, looking at Nithya’s acting track record, we can expect to be surprised by a memorable performance.

Praana is a highly experimental film on several counts. Besides the fact that the entire film we will only see Nithya on the screen, the filmmakers have used sync surround sound, a first in India. Oscar-winner sound designer Resul Pookutty is leading the sound department of the film. Composer Louis Banks will be scoring the music.

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Manikarnika full movie Download 1080p 720p Review



Manikarnika Story:-

Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi is a biographical account of how Rani Laxmibai waged a war against the East India Company. It chronicles her journey from the place where she grew up, Bithoor to becoming the Rani of Jhansi, and eventually turning into a warrior Queen.

Manikarnika Review:-

Manikarnika starts with Amitabh Bachchan’s booming baritone where he throws light on how the riches of India are fast being plundered by the British. Within seconds, we are led into the world of Manikarnika through Kangana Ranaut’s imposing screen presence.

Kangana captivates your attention in every frame and grows from strength to strength as the film progresses. This is clearly one of her best performances and the role itself lends ample scope for her to perform. From the tender, beautiful moments of a young girl, to the heavy-duty action scenes from the battlefield soaked in blood and sweat – Kangana effortlessly brings Manikarnika to life. The casualties, in turn, are the rest of the actors, who don’t get a chance to shine just as well.

Be it veterans like Danny Denzongpa (as Ghaus Khan, also a prominent figure in history) and Kulbhushan Kharbanda or the debutantes like Ankita Lokhande, who plays the role of Jhalkaribai. All supporting actors including Atul Kulkarni, who plays Tatya Tope and Bengali actor Jisshu Sengupta have precious little to do. Needless to say, most of the British characters come off as caricatures, except actor Richard Keep, who plays Sir Hugh Rose.


The narrative of the film directed by Kangana Ranaut and Krish stays on course showing the internal struggle within Jhansi’s royal family and unraveling important historical events during the 1800s. Some incidents like the Meerut Sepoy mutiny of 1857 are used as reference points, but the focus remains on Jhansi’s rebellion against the British.

The film employs a lot of visual effects and most are easily noticeable, which hampers the film’s realism. The scale on which the film is mounted gives it an air of grandeur, however, it lacks the required opulence and finesse.

While there is enough chest-thumping jingoism throughout, dialogues by Prasoon Joshi are quite impactful and applause-worthy. They succeed in stoking the patriotic passion within the audience without being too overbearing. The first half is spent in setting up the historical premise, which takes way too long.

The second half is where the real drama unfolds with scenes on the battlefield, intense action sequences, bloody killings, escape, loss and triumph. Despite all the moments that draw you into this epic drama, the length of the film slackens the narrative in parts.

The film admittedly uses many cinematic liberties and fictional detours to ensure there aren’t any dull moments in this rousing war drama. There is a strong thread of entertainment that binds it all together. The music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy adds to the patriotic fervor of the movie.

Overall, Manikarnika is a well-made film that highlights Kangana’s prowess as an actor. For a first time filmmaker, she undoubtedly shows spark and potential as a storyteller.

Manikarnika full movie Download 1080p 720p Review

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72 Hours: Martyr Who Never Died full movie Download 1080p 720p Review



72 Hours: Martyr Who Never Died Movie Summary


The film revolves around the life of Jaswant Singh Rawat and takes us into the 1960s era, when apart from economic instability, famine and religious fights, our country was struggling with a new danger-the war of Indo-China. Jaswant was born in a poor family of Dehradun and his family belonged to the beautiful hills of Garhwal. He grew up to be a responsible son, devoting his life towards study and his family. But destiny wanted him to serve his country. Due to some incidents, he decided to join army at a very young age and received his training in Lansdowne District and became a successful soldier of Garhwal Rifles Regiment. Shortly after his training. Their paltan was sent to defend the approaching Chinese army from the North-East front on India, and began the historical war of Indo-China where our soldiers were outnumbered and outgunned but fought till the last man.

Due to adverse circumstances, the infantry had to step back. However, one soldier stood there till his last breath and fought against the Chinese army alone for 72 hours. The soldier was Rifleman Jaswant Singh Rawat.

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The Accidental Prime Minister full movie Download 1080p 720p Review



The Accidental Prime Minister review: Anupam Kher’s The Accidental Prime Minister is an out-an-out propaganda film, created for the specific purpose of making the former prime minister look like a weak, spineless man, a puppet whose strings were controlled by The Family.


The Accidental Prime Minister movie cast: Anupam Kher, Akshaye Khanna, Vipin Sharma, Suzanne Bernert, Munish Bhardwaj, Arjun Mathur, Aahana Kumra
The Accidental Prime Minister movie director: Vijay Ratnakar Gutte
The Accidental Prime Minister movie rating: No stars

Going in, you are aware that The Accidental Prime Minister has been crafted from the point-of-view of the author of the book (of the same name) that the film is based on. You are ready for a very personal slice-of-life, not an all-encompassing macro look at the UPA years during which Manmohan Singh was the PM, and Sanjaya Baru his media adviser.

But any faint notion that this will be a balanced view goes out of the window as soon as it opens.

The Accidental Prime Minister is an out-an-out propaganda film, created for the specific purpose of making the former prime minister look like a weak, spineless man, a puppet whose strings were controlled by The Family (the word is blipped out, but there is no hiding the movement of the lips). Sonia Gandhi, Rahul, Priyanka and the cunning caucus around them are shown as the real power behind the throne.

The film is careful to underline that Singh was honorable, upright and personally incorruptible, but that he overlooked the corruption of his party colleagues, and was paralysed because of the far-reaching influence of The Family.

Even political newbies are aware of this narrative, and The Accidental Prime Minister doesn’t have any breaking headlines for those who were following the developments during that time.

What comes as a surprise is just how shockingly bad and shoddy the film is. There is a complete absence of any art or craft in its making. Almost all the characters, including the two main leads, Singh (Kher) and Baru (Khanna), come off as caricatures. Kher minces through the film, his voice reedy, thin, shaky, his body language nervous and unconfident: at no point does Kher’s Singh look like a man who inhabited the PM ki kursi for two full Lok Sabha terms with any conviction.

Breaking the fourth wall is a convention used sparingly in theatre and film to score a point. Khanna’s smug, smirking Baru keeps turning around and addressing us, breaking the illusion of the ‘reel’, claiming first person vantage of telling us the ‘real’ story. Khanna is always togged out in techni-coloured sharply tailored suits, and is shown to have the kind of enviable access in the corridors of power, literally, that very few senior ministers can ever hope to dream of. In fact, this film is so much more about Baru that it could just as easily have been dubbed ‘The Omnipresent Media Adviser’.

There doesn’t seem to have been a script in place, just a series of scenes meant to damn Singh, and studded with some unintentionally hilarious passages (the PM smiling to the tune of Que sera sera, with his wife, played by Divya Seth, sitting alongside). The sets are lurid: are those South Block rooms really painted in all those yellows and magentas?

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