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KGF full movie Download 1080p 720p Review



KGF Movie image

KGF Movie Synopsis:

Rocky is an ambitious boy, who wants to die as the richest and most powerful man. From the streets of Bombay to the fields of KGF, he embarks on the mission. And his tale is retold by a journalist who chronicled his life in the 1980s.

KGF Movie Review: 

Prashanth Neel’s KGF, which stars Yash in the lead, has become arguably the most spoken about Kannada film, which has been dubbed in Tamil, nationally. The expectations have been enormous. Does the team deliver? Yes, they do. The film has a fast-paced first half, which does seem a little long, but the second half and the climax set up the right premise for the second part of the film.

The screenplay is the most interesting part of the film. While there is a fair share of scenes and dialogues that bring out the hoots and cheers from the masses, the makers have still maintained a clever storytelling pattern that assures one to also keep pace with the narrative. The film traverses from 1951 to 2018, while maintaining a sense of curiosity as each character is unveiled.

Adding the extra edge to the film are the cinematography, art direction, and the locales. Yash, like Rocky, lives his character to the fullest and his screen presence definitely has the viewers cheering alongside him. The ensemble cast plays their respective parts, with each of them playing minor building blocks in setting up Rocky’s character.

The narrative in the first part builds the character of Rocky as the maverick mastermind who will not stop for anything until he reaches his mission. While there is a sense of temporary closure in the first chapter of the film, one also leaves the hall yearning for more. KGF surely seems to have delivered what it set to achieve.

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Kedarnath full movie Download 1080p 720p Review



kedarnath image

Kedarnath Story:

Mandakini aka Mukku (Sara Ali Khan) is a feisty, young girl living in Kedarnath with her family. Her father (Nitish Bharadwaj) is a local priest and things get complicated. when Mukku falls in love with a Muslim boy and local pithoo (human porter) Mansoor (Sushant Singh Rajput). While the inter-faith romance between characters of different faith forms the core of the story. No one anticipates the other life-changing event, that is about to take this holy place by storm.

Kedarnath Review:

Kedarnath features an all-too-familiar love story, that gets a boost thanks to the climactic floods that devastated civilization in the mountain town of Uttarakhand, in 2013. The screenplay has its strengths and weaknesses. but through the crest and trough of dramatic waves, what stands out as a solid force is young debutante Sara Ali Khan. Her first performance on celluloid has the right amount of fire to spark a connection with the audience.

kedarnath image

The film captures the beauty of the Himalayas with crisp and artistic visuals. There is also the quaint, small-town setting, where locals treat Hindu pilgrims with the utmost respect and where Muslim porters, have no qualms in praying to Shiva and sharing the faith of the devotees. The writing by Abhishek Kapoor and Kanika Dhillon subtly reflects upon the secular dynamics of Kedarnath.

There’s also a brief comment on the commercialization with hotels, malls, and tourism, which has impacted the ecological balance of places like Kedarnath and contributed to natural calamities. These pertinent issues, which had a lot of potentials, are briefly touched upon and then left in deep waters.


The focus remains strictly on the love story, and while Mukku and Mansoor share some beautiful moments, the narrative does take a tad too long to set up their romance. What makes up for the slow pace of the film are the performances and the CGI-driven climactic portions.

They come together to create a strong, dramatic impact. Sara Ali Khan as Mukku is a live wire. She reminds you of a young and boisterous Amrita Singh (her mother) in films like Betaab and Chameli Ki Shaadi. Her confidence and on-screen charm are a testament to her ability and talent.

She looks gorgeous in the desi-girl avatars. She owns every scene that she’s present in. Sushant Singh, in a slightly under-played role, supports Sara’s efforts, but we’ve seen him give finer performances before. Watch out for the scene where he sings Lata Mangeshkar’s Lag Ja Gale (from Woh Kaun Thi, 1964) where his character’s naivety is brought out with deftness.



Sushant Singh RajputSushant Singh RajputMansoor Khan
Sara Ali KhanSara Ali KhanMandakini ‘Mukku’
Nitish BharadwajNitish BharadwajBriraaj
Alka AminAlka AminMansoor’s Mother
Sonali SachdevSonali SachdevLata – Mukku’s Mother
Pooja GorPooja GorBrinda
Nishant DahiyaNishant DahiyaKullu

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Simmba full movie Download 1080p 720p Review





Simmba movie review: Ranveer Singh and Rohit Shetty create an angry cop movie universe

In Simmba movie Ranveer Singh is ACP Sangram Bhalerao aka Simmba. A cheerfully corrupt police officer whose default mode is OTT. So even when he is greasing his palms or swooping in to conduct a raid, he’s singing, dancing, hamming, and wisecracking his way into your hearts. There is seldom a dull moment when and every dialogue that leaves his lips lands successfully. “Hello, bhai from another aai,” he declares aligning himself with the film is villain Durwa Ranade (Sonu Sood) who pays him handsomely for cheating helpless old men out of their land and turning a blind eye to his drug operations.


His best moments, however, are the ones with head constable Mohile (Ashutosh Rana),  an upright fellow who is sickened by his senior’s lack of conscience. The pair shares a tentative relationship, and the makers mine genuine humor from their scenes, including a joke about drinking on the moon, and a spin on the song Tu hi re from Bombay.

Shetty plays at balance, giving decisive roles to female characters — judge, mother, policewomen — in a film that claims to be about rape, but this film is still all musk. Sonu Sood makes for an effective towering villain, while Singh pats his gun so long and hard that the film briefly turns into a Western. By the time Simmba meets his idol, the homoerotic energy is off the charts: two grunting men who look ready to tear each other’s uniforms off and throw down right there, drunk on their own testosterone. These two stars not jumping to each other is the ultimate cop-out.


Ranveer Singh Sara Ali Khan, Ajay Devgn
 Rohit Shetty



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Rebot 2.0 full movie Download 1080p 720p Review



2.0 Review

Image 2.0

Robot 2.0 Movie Story:-

Robot 2.0 Movie ornithologist who commits suicide returns as the fifth force to wreak vengeance on mankind for harming birds with mobile phone radiation. The only thing that is standing in his way is 2.0, the upgraded version of Chitti, the robot.

2.0 Movie Review:-   As the title suggests, Shankar’s latest venture is quite literally the 2.0 version of his earlier film Robot. The film revolves around the familiar theme of a wronged individual taking revenge on the people who ruined his life. The Shankar gives us a film that has a blend of sci-fi, horror and a whole lot of special effects.
The film begins with an old man committing suicide from atop a mobile phone tower. And then, in comes Dr. Vasigaran (Rajinikanth), a scientist, along with his assistant Nila (Amy Jackson), a humanoid robot. Soon, mobile phones start flying off the shelves and out of everyone’s hands, and Vasigaran is called in to investigate this mysterious occurrence. And when a giant bird, made up of mobile phones, starts attacking the city, the scientist is forced to bring back Chitti, the now dismantled robot.


Rajinikanth                 :-Dr. Vaseegaran / Chitti

Akshay Kumar          :-Pakshi Rajan

Amy Jackson             :-Nila

Adil Hussain             :-Minister Vijay Kumar

Sudhanshu Pandey  :-Dhinendra Boh

Kalabhavan Shajohn:-Telecom Minister

Ananth Narayan Mahadevan:-Scientist

Mayilsamy               :-Telecom Minister’s Assistant

Kaizaad Kotwal      :- Monoj Lulla

Bharath Reddy       :-Police Officer



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