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India-specific Covid-19 Testing no longer a requirement to travel to Canada.



Navigation between India and Canada will now be easier. Ottawa has lifted India’s Covid-19 testing requirements that have made the process more difficult.

In its latest review, the Canadian government’s travel advice to India no longer contains a mandatory requirement for a negative RT-PCR test before boarding from a single laboratory at Delhi airport. The procedures applicable to passengers traveling from India to Canada will be the ones that apply in total.

Limits imposed due to Omicron’s variant of Covid-19, a negative test result of RT-PCR before boarding will still be required. This can now be obtained from a reputable laboratory of the Indian Medical Research Council.
Admission to Canada is limited to fully vaccinated passengers. Both vaccines used in India, Covishield and Covaxin, are now recognized in Canada for travel purposes.

India-specific Covid-19 Testing no longer a requirement to travel to Canada.

No Covid-19 Test required for passengers boarding Connecting flight

Passengers from India will also not be required to receive a test result from a third country before traveling to Canada if they board a connecting flight.
Passengers arriving in Canada may be randomly tested for Covid-19.

India’s tourism advice previously limited the pre-departure test to a single Genestrings company’s laboratory located at Delhi airport. Travelers were required to provide a negative test result before being allowed to board any location in Canada. This made the process a problem for those who connect via Delhi. The test taken by passengers and the results obtained were consumed for eight or nine hours. The test was to be performed within 18 hours of scheduled travel.

Previous trends also read: “Passengers traveling from India to Canada on an indirect route still need to provide Covid-19 test results before leaving a third country before continuing their trip to Canada.”

However, Canada still has a warning about any unnecessary travel to other countries due to concerns about Omicron’s coronavirus diversity. That, however, applies to those leaving Canada rather than incoming passengers.

India’s inspection rules were introduced in September when Canada lifted a ban on direct flights between the two countries, imposed in April last year amid concerns over a Delta-run wave in India.

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Mass Protest In Canada’s Ottawa against Covid-19 mandates



Thousands of protesters rallied in the Canadian capital on Saturday to protest against a Covid19 regulations and mandates.

Some parked in the grounds of the National War Memorial and danced at the Unidentified Military Tomb, with swastika flags. Others used a statue of Canadian hero Terry Fox to make a statement against the vaccine.

Chief of Defense on Mass Protest

“It saddens me to see protesters dancing in the graveyard of an Unknown Army and defaming the National War Memorial. Generations of Canadians have fought for and died for our rights, including freedom of speech. Those affected should hang their heads in shame, ”said Gen. Wayne Eyre, Chief of Defense Staff in Canada.

Besides protesters compared vaccination authority with fascism. One truck carrying a Confederate flag and several carrying placards aimed at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

A photo of Fox, a national hero who lost a leg to bone cancer at a young age, and left in 1980 on a nationwide fundraising trip, was flashed with a Canadian flag flipping over a sign that said “grant freedom.”

Eric Simmons, of Oshawa, Ontario, said to abolish vaccination guidelines.

“They don’t work, they don’t work. Nothing changes. Additionally ” we cannot continue to live like this. Also People are losing their jobs because they do not want to get vaccinated, ”said Mr Simmons.

A series of truck drivers and others prompted police to prepare for the violence and warn residents to stay out of town. Parliament’s top security official advise lawmakers to lock their doors amid reports that their homes may be the target.

Know More what PM Trudeau has to say

PM Trudeau on Mass Protest In Canada’s Ottawa

Mass Protest In Canada’s Ottawa against Covid-19 mandate

Mr. Trudeau rewrote the statement from the Terry Fox Foundation that “Terry believed in science and gave his life to help others.”

Mr. Trudeau said Canadians are not represented by this “extremely troublesome, small but highly articulated minority of Canadians who criticize science, government, society, authorization and public health advice. ”

Although The Prime Minister’s day trip is usually in Ottawa when he is home. But on Saturday he said “National Capital Region” during a report that he is transferred to an unknown location. One of Mr Trudeau’s children has COVID-19 and the Prime Minister is isolated and working remotely.

Moreover Canada has the highest immunization rate in the world. The prime minister of Quebec province who proposes to immunize tax holders is well known.

All Canada’s Truck Alliance had to say

Mass Protest In Canada’s Ottawa against Covid-19 mandate

Besides that some are protesting against a new law that came into effect on January 15 stating that truck drivers entering Canada are completely vaccinated against the coronavirus. Also The United States imposes a similar requirement for truck drivers entering the country.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance said a number of protesters are not from the trucking industry. Adding that they had a different pushing agenda. The federation notes that most drivers are vaccinated.

The Shepherds of Good Hope, homeless soup kitchen in Ottawa, reported that staff and volunteers harassed by protesters demanding food . Although people had ways to end the conflict.

Though some lawmakers from the opposition Canadian Conservative Party gave coffee to protesters. Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole met with truck drivers. Additionally The protest also attracted the support of former US President Donald Trump and other Fox News members.

“We want those Canadian truck drivers to know that we have them all the way,” he said. Trump at a rally in Conroe, Texas. “They are doing more to protect American freedom than our leaders so far.”

Mass Protest In Canada’s Ottawa against Covid-19 mandate

Former US Ambassador on the situation

Former US Ambassador to Canada Bruce Heyman said the threat of democracy did not happen in America alone.

“Both the use of the swastika and the organization’s flag are an expression of hatred. He added It is very sad to see these signs anywhere and especially in Canada, ”said Mr Heyman, a former US ambassador.

As a result Parliament’s Defense Forces is expecting up to 10,000 protesters as part of a weekend rally.

“I am lock in my own country,” Tom Pappin, a man from Ottawa. Additionally said “I can’t go on vacation can’t go to a restaurant, to bowling or to the movies. Although you know, these are the things we just got out of. ”

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After Neil Young, Joni Mitchell to remove her music from Spotify



Singer and songwriter Joni Mitchell said she will remove her music from Spotify. This happened following a dispute over the wrong information about a vaccine held on the broadcast site.

Joni Mitchell to remove her music from Spotify

Read to know more

“Neglected people are spreading deadly lies,” the Canadian singer wrote in a statement posted on his website on Friday. “I stand in solidarity with Neil Young and the scientific and medical communities around the world on this issue.”
Mitchell’s move comes after Young asked his supervisors and label to immediately remove all of his songs from Spotify. Due to false information about the policy broadcast by comedian and broadcaster Joe Rogan.

Young said the results “could be fatal for those who believe this information is widespread.

76-year-old Young said the results “could be fatal for those who believe this information is widespread. He also said that “They could have Rogan or Younger.
Not both. “
Mitchell, best known for his hit songs “Big Yellow Taxi” and “A Case of You,” also quoted an open letter to Spotify published earlier this month by an organization of scientists and medical experts calling for an anti-lying policy.
The book was also fully published on the 78-year-old artist’s website, in which the authors described a number of concerns about Rogan’s podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience,” which is a popular podcast in the US and UK on Spotify.

All Joe Rogan had to say on Covid-19 Vaccination

Joe Rogan runs popular podcast in the US and UK on Spotify

Rogan “forbade vaccination in young people and children, incorrectly calling mRNA vaccines” genetic therapies, “and encouraged the use of ivermectin without the label to treat COVID-19 … an open letter said.
They also said that at least two recent visitors had “compared the policies of the epidemic with the Holocaust”. That the false information was “a very serious social problem. Spotify has a responsibility to allow the project to develop in its area.”

Spotify later agreed to remove Young’s music from their platform. The hashtag #DeleteSpotify went viral amid criticism of Rogan’s podcast. Apple Music also wrote Thursday that it is now “Neil Young’s home.”
Young and Mitchell together have about 10 million listeners a month on Spotify. Young having over 6 million, and Mitchell with 3.7 million listeners.

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NeoCov : The New Coronavirus



NeoCov represents the new coronavirus, which Wuhan scientists has discovered in bats in South Africa. But this is not SARs-CoV-2 or vice versa. This is associated with MERS Coronavirus.

The World Health Organization said that the NeoCov coronavirus, which is found among bats in South Africa

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NeoCov represents the new coronavirus, which Wuhan scientists has discovered in bats in South Africa.

What WHO has to say on NeoCov : The New Coronavirus

The World Health Organization said that the NeoCov coronavirus, which is found among bats in South Africa. It poses a threat to humans but it needs to continue research.

“Whether the virus found in the study will endanger humans would require further research,” the WHO told news agency. The WHO is aware of the new findings of Wuhan scientists. It is contacting the World Organization for Animal Health, Food and Agriculture Organization in response.

“Animals, especially wildlife, are the source of more than 75% of all infectious diseases in humans, but most of which occur due to new germs. Coronaviruses are commonly found in animals, including bats that are identified as water reservoirs. Many of these viruses,” says WHO.
Chinese researchers have commented on the new differences in the peer-reviewed research paper. They say the virus has a high rate of deaths and infections. It is not SARS-CoV-2. It is similar to MERS Coronavirus which can kill one in three people infected with the virus.

The World Health Organization said that the NeoCov coronavirus, is found among bats in South Africa.

All you need to know about MERS-Coronavirus

What is MERS-Coronavirus?

MERS Coronavirus Middles East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus. The zoonotic virus means that it can spread between animals and humans.

It was first identified in Saudi Arabia in 2012. According to WHO data, approximately 35% of reported patients with MERS-CoV have died. Common symptoms of MERS include fever, cough and shortness of breath. Pneumonia, intestinal symptoms, including diarrhea, are also symptoms, although they are less common. In Most human cases of MERS-CoV infection transmission takes place from person to person.

lorona, Deltacron, Omicron BA.2, NeoCov: Described

A few days ago, names like Flolona, ​​Deltacron became part of the Covid names, as scientists participated in a different SARS-CoV-2 sequel. However, Florona as well as Deltacron are not real varieties. Basically Florona is a combination of flu and coronavirus. Similarly Deltacron, a combination of Delta and Omicron, never existed and may be the result of pollution. Whereas the Omicron BA.2 is a smaller version of the Omicron. In the present time, this is a variant that is the driving force behind the current epidemic.

Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Omicron are all types of concerns as categorized by WHO.

NeoCov is not SARS-CoV-2; it is altogether different virus.

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