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In a long-running meeting, Biden and Xi held strong US-China relations



President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met on Monday in a summit that did not go unnoticed but allowed the two world powers to participate in a wide range of sensitive issues – including Taiwan, trade and human rights.

In a 3-hour debate the White House noted as “respectable and straightforward and… open,” neither sides made any promises or resigned. But the negotiation was to acknowledge that the conflict, whether trade or the South China Sea, could have serious consequences worldwide.

At that point, Biden’s chief executive officer said Biden had raised with Xi the need for stable talks on issues such as nuclear and hypersonic weapons, a China building at a rapid pace that has shocked defense officials. Biden has raised concerns about China’s oppression of minors in Xinjiang province, about unfair trade and economic practices and its recent violence against Taiwan.

Xi, according to China’s central broadcaster, has given assurances that China, which has promised to forge Taiwan and China forcibly if necessary, will “do everything possible” to achieve a “reunification” peacefully.

The two leaders also discussed the existence of a climate crisis and the important role played by their countries, the world’s two largest greenhouse gases. They also talk about how they will continue with this promise in the future.

China announces high coal price in the days following the U.N. climate summit

“As I have said before, it seems to be our responsibility – as the leaders of China and America – to ensure that competition between our countries does not get into conflicts, whether intentional or unintentional,” Biden told Xi briefly earlier. of journalists at the White House before the start of the conference. “A simple, straightforward competition. To me it seems we need to establish a mind-blowing approach, to be clear and honest where we disagree and to work together where our interests meet, especially on important global issues such as climate change. “

Xi said differences of opinion and blocs would bring “inevitable disaster” to the world. “The effects of the Cold War are far from over,” he said.

Xi also warned that China would take “strong measures” against any measures to support Taiwan’s independence from China, its ruling Chinese Communist Party that has never ruled Taiwan. “Such movements are very dangerous, like playing with fire. The one who plays with fire will burn, ”he said.

Negotiations on Taiwan – perhaps the worst case scenario between the two countries – “escalated,” and Biden “clearly affirmed” a one-China policy that recognizes Beijing’s position as the end of China’s legal regime and related policy laws, a. a senior administrative officer, spoke on condition of anonymity to explain the private conference. He also reminded Xi that as a member of parliament he had voted for the Taiwan Relations Relations Act of 1979, so national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Tuesday, “he understands deeply … the united states.”

The White House, in a statement, said the United States was “strongly opposed to one-sided efforts to change the situation. China has raised threats against Taiwan, flies around the island and holds military tests mimicking an island attack that we consider a rebel province. On Monday, just hours before the summit, Taiwan’s defense ministry said China had sent six planes to its air defense base. Taiwan sees itself as an independent country.

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Dua Lipa’s Manifested Collaboration- Cold Heart



The “Levitating” singer Dua Lipa stated that she manifested a collaboration with Elton John.

In an interview at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Dua Lipa talked about her upcoming concert tours and collaborations. The 26-year-old singer, was wearing a black dress with black knee-high boots in her appearance on the show.

Dua Lipa with Elton John

She revealed that when Elton John made a phone call regarding collaboration on a song,she was sitting in the pool in a bikini and cowboy hat.

Dua Lipa stated that she wanted to say yes to collaboration right away. After listening to song Cold Heart, she felt that the song was similar to an old hit song Rocket Man by Elton John. She told that,” Rocket Man is my driving song, ‘he said. ‘My shower song. My song for myself”.

In Response she said,”Elton, I’m available too. I also know the lyrics to Rocket Man,”. She expressed that it felt like it was a manifested collaboration.

Dua Lipa On Huge Success of Her Album

Further Stephen asked her about her experience of having huge success with her album Future Nostalgia. Additionally her inability to meet fans due to pandemic.

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa on AMA’S

she said,’I worked on this album for so long. I was very passionate about it and very proud about it as well. It was a body of work where I finally felt like I’d found my confidence and who I was really as an artist and a songwriter.’

She stated when everything was closed, she did not want to believe it, she thought with great doubt that maybe it was time to release an album.

She said. ‘I can never preempt what song people are going to react to the best but Levitating was the first song that helped dictate the rest of the album.’

Stephen asked her regarding her previous plans on her world tour in April 2020. About two years later, Dua indicated that she was about to embark on that journey. It would be ‘very different’ than that that had been originally planned especially a Future Nostalgia trip.

On asking about Service 95, a global concierge service that she has started, she said she loves to keep a list of everything. She stated, the idea was to discuss all her opinions and recommendations and to help people at same time.

Stephen asked her if she liked being interviewed or interviewing people. She replied that she likes to interview people. Moreover she is also releasing a podcast ” Dua Lipa at your service ” very soon.

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The Winter Olympics 2022



It has been six months since the Summer Olympics were held in Tokyo. And Winter Olympics 2022 are going to take place in first quarter of the year.

The Winter Olympics are held once every four years. Last event was held in 2018, in South Korea. The 100 Medal event took place at Pyeongchang with 15 different sports.

Norway is the most successful country to have won medals in the history of the Winter Olympics with a total of 368 medals, including 132 gold, 125 silver and 111 bronze medals.

It is followed by United States of America and Germany at 305 and 240 medals of all time.

All You Need To Know About The Winter Olympics 2022

The 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing,China.

The Chinese capital will be the first city in the world to host both the Summer and Winter Olympics.

The Winter Olympics

In total, the Games will feature 109 events in 15 categories in different sports, including seven events that will see their first Olympic champions receive awards.

The Beijing Olympic Winter Games will officially open on February 4, 2022, and start two days earlier with the first curling and ice hockey games.The closing ceremony will take place on February 20, 20022. The 17 day event will include 15 sports. A total of 109 medals will be awarded to participants from 91 countries.

The giant panda named Bing Dwen Dwen (冰 墩墩) is the official mascot of the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022.

“Bing” means ice and symbolizes purity and power, while “Dwen Dwen” stands for children. The mascot combines the strength and power of athletes and will help to promote the spirit of the Olympics.

The cover of the event will be shared between the Eurosport subscription service and the free BBC TV.

BBC Sport will show 300 hours of live broadcasts across BBC One and BBC Two, as well as much more available on BBC Player, The Red Button and the BBC Sport website.

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Tyrese Maxey To Play 2022 Rising Star Challenge



The Philadelphia 76ers Player, Tyrese Maxey selected to play 2022 Rising Star Challenge. They have had a enormously a hit season this year.

A huge cause for his or her achievement has been the play of famous person huge guy Joel Embiid who has been named an All-megastar starter for the fifth consecutive season, but any other purpose has been the play of Tyrese Maxey.

the second one-12 months guard is averaging 16.nine factors and four.eight assists even as taking pictures forty.4% from deep and he become selected for the 2022 Rising Star Challenge project at all-star weekend in Cleveland. He’s taken lots of steps forward. At this point, he might not be “growing” celebrity anymore. He’s only a superstar.

Sixers Statement on Rising Star Challenge Player

Rising Star Challenge
Rising Star Challenge

“the child is setting up All-celebrity numbers,” said Georges Niang. Additionally he said “I assume it’s a no brainer for him to be on a growing famous person assignment. I imply, he’s one of the first-rate sophomores, if now not the nice within the league proper now. He’s doing a wonderful task of controlling this group. Additionally doing the whole thing we ask of him. He’s been not anything however first-rate.”

As some distance as Maxey is concerned, it is a good honor. However the second-12 months shield simply wants to keep growing as a participant. He also wants to assist the Sixers get prepared for the future.

“It’s quite cool,” said Maxey. “All meaning to me is that I’m out right here doing my job as well as  helping the team win. That’s really all I care . Trying to get better each day, and construct toward the playoffs.”

Maxey  turns out to be considered one of the sport’s shiny stars. He continues to make strides ahead as a participant. At this point, Philadelphia has to both keep growing him as a factor protect and allow him to continue growing.

“It just all is connected to crew and group wins,” stated coach document Rivers. Additing to it “when you win video games, and you play well, you get observed. I think that’s what’s occurring with our guys.”

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