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China is fighting a major Delta outbreak; cases grow in the city of Dalian



China is battling the spread of its massive COVID-19 explosion caused by Delta’s divergence, according to figures announced Monday, with travelers from the city where the disease has grown faster than anywhere else in the country under strict detention rules.

Chinese authorities say 32 domestic infections with confirmed symptoms were reported on November 14. (Most of them in the northeastern city of Dalian). That brings the local case statistics from October 17 to 1,308. Based on official data displayed, exceeding 1,280 local cases since the Delta summer outbreak.

This marks the fastest growing Delta in China, which has affected 21 provinces, regions and municipalities. Although smaller than most other outbreaks of disease, Chinese authorities are concerned about preventing any further transmission under the government’s intolerance policy.

Twelve provincial-level states have their outbreak in a few weeks in the current outbreak. Thanks to the rapid implementation of a complex set of curbs. This includes strict communication tracking, multiple cycles of people exploring endangered areas. Also closures of entertainment and cultural sites and restrictions on tourism and public transport.

However, Dalian is still trapped in a fight with the virus, said Wu Liangyou, a National Health Commission official.

Since the first patients with local symptoms of Dalian since the latest outbreak was reported on November 4. The port city with a population of 7.5 million has received an average of 24 new local cases a day, more than any other Chinese city.

Several towns near Dalian, said people arriving from Dalian should be accommodated in central areas for 14 days before traveling freely, in an extraordinary manner.

As of November 14, China had reported 98,315 confirmed cases of coronavirus with symptoms, including domestic and overseas infectious diseases. A total of 4,636 people died.

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In a long-running meeting, Biden and Xi held strong US-China relations



President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping met on Monday in a summit that did not go unnoticed but allowed the two world powers to participate in a wide range of sensitive issues – including Taiwan, trade and human rights.

In a 3-hour debate the White House noted as “respectable and straightforward and… open,” neither sides made any promises or resigned. But the negotiation was to acknowledge that the conflict, whether trade or the South China Sea, could have serious consequences worldwide.

At that point, Biden’s chief executive officer said Biden had raised with Xi the need for stable talks on issues such as nuclear and hypersonic weapons, a China building at a rapid pace that has shocked defense officials. Biden has raised concerns about China’s oppression of minors in Xinjiang province, about unfair trade and economic practices and its recent violence against Taiwan.

Xi, according to China’s central broadcaster, has given assurances that China, which has promised to forge Taiwan and China forcibly if necessary, will “do everything possible” to achieve a “reunification” peacefully.

The two leaders also discussed the existence of a climate crisis and the important role played by their countries, the world’s two largest greenhouse gases. They also talk about how they will continue with this promise in the future.

China announces high coal price in the days following the U.N. climate summit

“As I have said before, it seems to be our responsibility – as the leaders of China and America – to ensure that competition between our countries does not get into conflicts, whether intentional or unintentional,” Biden told Xi briefly earlier. of journalists at the White House before the start of the conference. “A simple, straightforward competition. To me it seems we need to establish a mind-blowing approach, to be clear and honest where we disagree and to work together where our interests meet, especially on important global issues such as climate change. “

Xi said differences of opinion and blocs would bring “inevitable disaster” to the world. “The effects of the Cold War are far from over,” he said.

Xi also warned that China would take “strong measures” against any measures to support Taiwan’s independence from China, its ruling Chinese Communist Party that has never ruled Taiwan. “Such movements are very dangerous, like playing with fire. The one who plays with fire will burn, ”he said.

Negotiations on Taiwan – perhaps the worst case scenario between the two countries – “escalated,” and Biden “clearly affirmed” a one-China policy that recognizes Beijing’s position as the end of China’s legal regime and related policy laws, a. a senior administrative officer, spoke on condition of anonymity to explain the private conference. He also reminded Xi that as a member of parliament he had voted for the Taiwan Relations Relations Act of 1979, so national security adviser Jake Sullivan said on Tuesday, “he understands deeply … the united states.”

The White House, in a statement, said the United States was “strongly opposed to one-sided efforts to change the situation. China has raised threats against Taiwan, flies around the island and holds military tests mimicking an island attack that we consider a rebel province. On Monday, just hours before the summit, Taiwan’s defense ministry said China had sent six planes to its air defense base. Taiwan sees itself as an independent country.

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The Russian military admits the satellite was “destroyed” during the test, confirming US allegations




Russia’s Defense Ministry on Tuesday admitted that it had destroyed a satellite during an arrow test, confirming allegations made by the United States earlier.

“The Russian Ministry of Defense has carried out a successful inspection. Which resulted in the collapse of the Russian spacecraft ‘Tselina-D’. Which had been circling since 1982, was destroyed,” the military said in a statement.

U.S. officials on Monday criticized Russia for testing “dangerous and careless” missiles that exploded on its satellite. Hence creating a cloud of debris threatening the International Space Station.

NASA said crew members aboard the ISS – currently four Americans, Germans and two Russians – were awakened and forced to take refuge on their return ships.

U.S. officials say they were not notified in advance of a satellite missile test. Which is the fourth such strike from space – that produced more than 1,500 pieces of traceable debris.

The Russian military said it was planning to strengthen its defensive capabilities but denied that the tests were dangerous.

“The United States is well aware that the resulting fragments, in terms of testing time and orbital boundaries. They have also not posed a threat to orbital stations, spacecraft and space missions,” he said.

The confirmation of the US claims came after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov dismissed them.

“To declare that the Russian Federation poses a threat to the peaceful use of the land, at least, is hypocritical,” Lavrov told a news conference in Moscow, adding “there are no facts” about the allegations.

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Few People Trapped in Mudslide Across BC Highway



BC, Canada

Officials believe about 10 people have been trapped in their vehicles after a mud slide on the main road south of B.C. per week.

The Heavy Urban Search and Rescue Task Force, a highly specialized team trained to rescue people from a major collision, was deployed on Highway 7 near Agassiz, B.C., east of Vancouver.

“Our understanding is that there were six to ten people trapped,” party director David Boone told CBC News. (In a telephone interview just after midnight on PT.)

He said his team had been told that some of the occupants of the vehicles had survived the first crash.

“We understand that there were people traveling in cars who were able to warn 911 callers that they needed help,” he said.

At the time of the interview, Boone had never personally seen the rubble site. But said it was believed to be at least 100 meters wide and 100 meters long.

“Obviously it comes from the mountain above, but it is still unknown how much the mountain was affected,” he said.

Heavy mud clogged the main road near Agassiz on Sunday evening after heavy rainfall over the day.

Eyewitness Statements

Scores of drivers parked on the side of the highway after the slope of the hill and the road in front of them in the valley below. Adam Wuisman and his fiancée were left homeless, one falling in front of them and the other behind.

“Down in the village, you can hear people screaming and screaming for help,” he told CBC News by telephone while interviewing him in the car.

“We must have just missed the first [slide] and now we are in the middle of both. There are about 200, 300 cars parked, waiting for some kind of renovation.”

Wuisman, who was driving home from Richmond, B.C., from Nelson, said he had not seen the first people to respond to the scene after three hours trapped on the road.

“I don’t think they can get here,” he said.

The HUSAR team, based in Vancouver, was expected to arrive at the slide by 1:45 p.m.

Upper Fraser Valley RCMP and Agassiz Fire Department were not immediately available for comment.

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